Personalised and Holistic Approach to Baby Sleep Training

personalised baby sleep training

I am a psychiatrist and my daughter is a paediatric neurologist with a 6-month old baby boy. We both come from a scientific and medical background, so know all too well how vital sleep is for a baby’s health, emotional wellbeing and development. As a first-time mum (and myself being a very hands-on grandmother), we […]

Baby Sleep Programs that Actually Work for Infants

baby sleep programs for infants

Jen [My NewBorn] is amazing! I have been telling everyone I know about her and her incredible baby sleep programs. I have an 8 month old boy, the third of the 3 boys (haha!) who was waking up 4 to 5 times a night. Breastfeeding, then dummy, then patting back to sleep, sometimes taking an […]

Baby Sleep Specialist: Jen is a Lifesaver

baby sleep specialist in Sydney

Thank goodness, we found Jen [My NewBorn] the baby sleep specialist! My 11-month old baby was waking up 10 times a night! He was in my bed and I was up and down all night, having to replace his dummy, sing, pat, and stay with him while he fell asleep. I felt like I spent […]

Jen is the Best Sydney Sleep Consultant

Sydney sleep consultant

From the moment I made contact with Jen [My NewBorn], I was incredibly impressed with her level of support, professionalism and knowledge! Before we had even committed to working with her, she was offering me guidance and advice. I could tell from the get-go she genuinely wanted to help us! She stood out hugely from […]