Baby Sleep Overhaul Program: The Results were Fantastic!

meging baby's naps from two to one

We cannot recommend Jen highly enough and her baby sleep overhaul program! Our little boy, Max was 5 months old and was waking 5 to 6 times a night and doing a series of 40 minute cat naps during the day. I had downloaded every sleep app and followed age appropriate schedules, but after 12 […]

Hiring a Baby Sleep Consultant – what to look for in (2022)

mother holding baby

Searching for a Baby Sleep (My Newborn) Consultant in Sydney can be a daunting task. You need to feel comfortable with your selection, as the journey to addressing your little ones sleep challenges is often an emotional one – one where you will rely on the guidance and support of the sleep consultant throughout the […]

3 Day Sleep Program Review

3 Day Sleep Program for babies

I’ve gone through 5 different private sleep consultants, did the Karitane overnight stays, read Gina Ford and Tazzie Hall books on promoting a strict routine to help your baby sleep through the night, you name it! But none of them worked. Jenn is by far the best sleep consultant I’ve come across! What I like […]