Personalised and Holistic Approach to Baby Sleep Training

personalised baby sleep training

I am a psychiatrist and my daughter is a paediatric neurologist with a 6-month old baby boy. We both come from a scientific and medical background, so know all too well how vital sleep is for a baby’s health, emotional wellbeing and development. As a first-time mum (and myself being a very hands-on grandmother), we […]

Baby Sleep Programs that Actually Work for Infants

baby sleep programs for infants

Jen [My NewBorn] is amazing! I have been telling everyone I know about her and her incredible baby sleep programs. I have an 8 month old boy, the third of the 3 boys (haha!) who was waking up 4 to 5 times a night. Breastfeeding, then dummy, then patting back to sleep, sometimes taking an […]

Baby Sleep Specialist: Jen is a Lifesaver

baby sleep specialist in Sydney

Thank goodness, we found Jen [My NewBorn] the baby sleep specialist! My 11-month old baby was waking up 10 times a night! He was in my bed and I was up and down all night, having to replace his dummy, sing, pat, and stay with him while he fell asleep. I felt like I spent […]

Baby and Toddler Sleep: Wake Time By Age

wake time

As your little one grows and develops, it can be tough keeping up with their sleep schedules and wake time. Figuring out how long your child can stay awake before needing to sleep is just another one of those tricky additions for parents to wrap their head around. Getting the timing of your child’s sleep […]