Baby Sleep Consultant Au Reviews (300+ Google Reviews)


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Baby Sleep Consultant Au Reviews (300+ Google Reviews)


With Jen’s help through the Jentle program, we could understand the importance of a routine to our little one.
Having a regular schedule, with feeds, naps and awake times that make sense with her natural cycles was also helpful for us, as parents, to be able to add predictability and routine to our lives.
Jen’s program enabled us to move away from always being worried about whether or not our baby was having her needs met to making the best of our time with her.
Jen sets out her expectations clearly and does a great job managing ours as well – it is clear from the beginning that this a multi-hand task, that only works if we dedicate ourselves to it.
Communications with Jen are easy and efficient. The materials provided are not only helpful now, but will be useful in the future as well.
Thanks, Jen!

Karen N

Jen has been amazing to work with, she is extremely personable and really cares about the outcome of getting your baby to sleep. The daily logs, and checking in frequently throughout the day, meant we were never alone in the process. After weeks of multiple wakes to put the dummy back in, and naps being a nightmare, Jen gave us back our night sleep within a day of working with her. She’s given us a bedtime routine that we look forward to, that has been a calming experience. When naps weren’t going to plan, she advised us on how to adjust, and keep moving forward. I would recommend Jen to anyone looking for help in getting sleep back on track!

Christine D

We reached our breaking point when most nights involved taking turns to hold our baby to sleep. He was waking up every 20-30min at night and hated sleeping in the cot. We had a chat to Jen and through the remote program she gave us all the tools we needed to sleep train our almost 6 month old. It was hard at first but Jen was very supportive and helped us tailor a routine for our baby’s needs. Within two weeks our baby now sleeps in the cot for hours at a time without a dummy, arms out of a swaddle, and without rocking or sushing to sleep! He also self soothes when he wakes up at night. It’s a miracle! Very grateful for Jen’s support and all the new learning, highly recommend!

Grace S

Firstly Jen is fabulous and if we could give her more stars we would! She really knows her stuff and will work with you even when you don’t listen to the instructions 100% 😭
Our little old is 28 moths old and has always been a nightmare when it came to sleeping! My husband and I are incredibly soft with her and as a result she rules the house and we have just tolerated the lack of sleep.
However the last six moths or so had become next level intolerable – she refused to be put to sleep by my husband at all the chaos was unimaginable.
So I had to do all the nighttime routines and every single one of her wakes which would be 3-4 times a night and she would stay awake for up to 2.5hrs each time and need a milk as well as sleeping on top of my head literally to go back to sleep.
After micro sleeping in the car whilst driving I finally had enough and contacted Jen. We started the remote program straight away and we have come so far ever since.
As we couldn’t do the silent return crying method – our girl just won’t quit!! and is already in a queen bed we have had to combat so many issues…
Luckily Jen is flexible and able to find what works best for our family and it’s not just a one method fixes all.
My husband can now successfully put her to bed without protest screaming and hitting. If she comes looking for me he can intercept her and she goes back to sleep again without protest.
She’s completely off her melatonin gummies and no longer needs a milk or to sleep on me to fall back asleep.
We are so much happier and well rested thanks to Jen and most importantly very confident moving forward with our little one and her sleep!
Thank you for everything Jen xxxxx

Simone Blakeman

Jen was a voice of reason and calm when we needed help getting our baby to self settle and sleep longer through the night at 9 months old (after too long of thinking it would magically sort itself out with time!). She gave us much needed tools and support which were priceless when we were desperate for more sleep.
When our baby was 3, Jen was marvellous in helping us get the self settling and sleeping through the night back on track. We highly recommend her to anyone wondering how to get their child to go to sleep and stay asleep on their own. Jen gave us the information in a way that made sense, support that gave us confidence and in the way that suited us best.

Aislin S

You re like a magic nanny with an umbrella that made my family colourful and clean again! You have help with my girls..

8 months old first born in 2021 –
She was neeed to rocking to sleep approx 7 hrs for 24hrs, n awake 3-4 times at night for comfort. No one can wokeup 3am and start to dance, loud sang n rocking her in this type of energy!!
So Jenny helps and then my baby is just sleep through the night (24months today and still do!!), n able to sleep in cot independently HAPPY baby I ever see….

5 months old 2nd born – 2022.
She was awake 1-2 times a night, must cuddles in my arms to sleep on every day naps. Jenny helps, and now she is able to sleep independently in cot n suddenly she sleep through the night too

💋💋💋💋💋💋 I love how you can help my two children from dragoons babies into unicorns n made our life more easier 🦄 😊

Klein Reyes

Jen was heaven sent to our family!!! May god bless her tenfolds. I have been looking for a sleep consultant for ages, as I having putting it off because I didn’t want to spend money to tell someone how to put my little one to sleep. She was worth every dollar. My son was waking up for a feed 2-3 times a night, co-sleeping and fighting off nap time. I was in desperate need of help. I called Jen, she was quick to assist me and heard desperation in my voice. I accepted that I really needed help or my partner and I would die of sleep deprivation. Now, my son knows how to sleep on his own in his room in a cot, no more night feeds (thank god), lessened constant waking at night and sleeps happily for his afternoon naps. I have suggested Jen to my friends and I will use her again in the future(straight after giving birth, no more waiting 2 years) when I have another kid. Thank you so much Jen for your help!!!

Frances M

I am so happy I found Jen to work with to help with my baby’s sleep, my only regret is not finding her earlier! Our daughter Claire was hit hard by the 4 month regression, and at 7 months I felt I was back to newborn sleep with no naps over 30 min and up every 2 hours overnight. Within 2 weeks of working with Jen, we have much longer naps, I don’t need to go in overnight (except a dream feed) and a much happier bub! I think Jens level of support is unique and I’m very grateful for her 🙂

Colleen Abela

Jen is a miracle worker! My grandson now sleeps through the night, and it happened very quickly!
I am posting this review on behalf of my daughter, as Google wouldn’t let her post.
My daughter found Jen from a desperate 3am internet search after her 21st night of hourly wakeups and catnaps during the day with her then 5 month old. This is her first baby, and she was at her wits’ end. I had suggested she approach Tresillian or something similar.
My daughter wasn’t confident that Jen could help her, as her son was never a great sleeper from birth, and just got worse as he got older. He is also very fussy, and any attempt to change his routine just made him worse.
In a phone consult, Jen recommended her Remote Program, which my daughter followed exactly, and saw an improvement right away. The hardest part was removing the feeds to sleep and then the dummy, but after that he self settled and starting sleeping through the night.
I was so impressed, I didn’t expect it would work, and certainly not so quickly. My daughter is so happy to have found Jen.

Thanks Jen for all your pre baby advice. I’ve definitely learnt a lot and feel prepared for when my baby arrives.

Gareth Young

Our little girl (3.5yo) was the worst of sleepers. She would not sleep unless one of the parents or her sister was with her, even then she would still wake up crying 3-4 times a night until eventually she would end up in our bed (3-4am). It also took 1-1.5hrs for her bedtime routine from shower to sleeping every night, which would take one of us out for that whole time, making every night a mission.

After researching on YouTube, reading blogs, and just wishing things would be better, we tried various techniques to have her settle faster, by herself, without tears, without headlocks, or without protesting, but she kept just ending up in our bed either out of exhaustion and/ or just not knowing if we were doing the right thing.

In comes Mary Poppins (Jen) floating down with her umbrella. After our initial consultation, we knew straight away we were in the right place, but we still could not imagine our little girl settling by herself. It all seemed like such an impossible task.

Jen gave us a detailed structure of what to expect, gave us strict instructions on what to do and how long it would take. I geared myself up and went to war. The first few nights went surprisingly well, then the next stage was absolutely brutal, enough to make a grown man cry. It was the moment where Neo got shot by Agent Smith in the Matrix before he reached the phone. We all thought it was game over. Morpheus Jen assured us that this absolutely normal otherwise we would have raised the white flag after the first night of ‘regression’..

She was right. It took a few more nights of battling in the trenches, but with Jens guidance, we eventually made our way out, and like Neo, we rose from the dead and were all of a sudden freed to the other side.

Fast forward 3 weeks and our little girl is now going to sleep herself (I can just say goodnight and walk out of the room), and when she wakes at night, she settles herself without us even getting out of the bed! This is the dream. Thank you so much Jen, and we recommend your services 100%. To anyone who is on the fence, do yourself a favour and get your time and sleep back. It’s worth every cent.

To quote the late Muhammad Ali;
“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Now I hold the belt.

Miss A

Was recommended Jennifer by a friend. By this stage the friend could tell how exhausted I was and hear the stress of being a mum who works full time running her own business, chasing a toddler and being busy with home duties over all.
Before I made the decision to use Jennifer, I had tried many online programs, psychologists advice, other mums advice and none worked for 9 month old. My back was gone from rocking to sleep and having have an arm over her till she slept. This use to take hours.
The impact of her waking 6 times or more a night got too much.
I called Tressillian for advice but the wait was long and the advice over the phone was quick and not personalised to my baby.
Jennifer changed not only my life but my whole household and my babies life. She sleeps now and if she wakes, I have strategies to use as she knows how to self settle back to sleep.
As a result I have a happier baby and happier family.
We worked as a partnership and logged each night. The feedback was prompt and worked.
Highly recommend you make the call.
I’m not a usual goggle reviewer but definitely had to share my success so Jennifer can help others too.

Saff Ram

Need a miracle, call Jen! Our 1.5yr old was getting up every few hours and had to be fed to sleep. Within 2 days he was going to bed without needing his mum. By the end of the course he was able to go to sleep himself. Now even if he is sick and coughs and wakes himself up ,with a few minutes he is able to put himself to sleep. Miracle!

Linda Tran

After almost 4 years of no sleep and trying to sleep train our daughter on our own without success, we decided to engage in a sleep consultant. That’s how we found Jen, our sleep saviour. We always put it down to our daughter being resistant and not wanting to sleep on her own at all. Working with Jen changed everything. As hesitant and heartbreaking as it was for all of us, we trusted Jen and her work and persisted through the program. After one week, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and our daughter has finally slept through the night! Overjoyed with this triumphant success, we are excited to be getting back our sleep again. Thank you Jen for your guidance, support and faith in us and our daughter.

For anyone looking for help with their child/baby falling asleep independently, Jen is the to-go expert. It is worth every penny!

Shaireen Ramjahn

We seeked Jen’s assistance for our 18 month old boy who was waking every 2 hours and only settling by breastfeeding. He has always been a feed to sleep baby and Jen helped me to transition him from breastfeeding to sleep to sleeping in the cot by himself. Our baby now sleeps through the night which means I can get a whole nights sleep! Thank you Jen for your guidance and support. It has been a hard journey but I am able to get alot more sleep now.

Chrissy Duff

Jen, thanks for helping our whole family sleep again. Your simple bedtime tips has made the process so much calmer & easier on us.

Patrick Frischknecht

Highly recommend Jen! Can’t put a price on sleep and Jen got alot of ours back. Very thankful. Our little guy was waking up 6 times per night the previous night and after Jens help he was waking up only once the same night Jen came and helped. All with minimal crying. Now he sleeps through the night. She is a great support and will teach your kid as well as your child a life long skill. Amazing.

zoe fleetwood

My husband and I were at the point where our 7 month old was waking hourly at night, rocking him to sleep, depending on a dummy and feeding to sleep throughout the night.
After many sleepless nights I Contacted Jen who changed our life’s so much already! Our son can settle himself, sleep through the night and no longer requires a dummy or milk throughout the night! I cannot recommend Jenny enough to friends and can’t thank her enough. If you need help, a baby sleep consultant is the place to go 🙂

Kent Pearson

We highly recommend Jen and her sleep programs. She has changed our lives by helping us to get our 19 month old back in his cot after having co-slept. Previously our son would wake multiple times during the night, even with co-sleeping. With Jen’s remote co-sleeping to cot program he’s now back in the cot, self-settling and sleeping through.

Angela florio

I cant recommend Jen highly enough. We sought Jen’s help for our 19 month old boy. He had been refusing the cot so I had been co-sleeping in a toddler bed with him for over 7 months. Even with the co-sleeping he was waking multiple times a night and most nights would be awake for 2-3 hours at a time 🤦‍♀️. Needless to say it was killing us.

A couple of days in to the remote program, our son was back in the cot and self-settling, and by night 4 he was sleeping through the night – we never thought he’d be sleeping through or in the cot again. Her approach was very gentle. She was able to recognise our individual needs and recommend what needed to be changed. I just wish we had contacted Jen earlier!

Elena Korolkova

Jen is a magician! She is the best baby sleep consultant in Sydney, I swear! We tried different apps like LittleOnes and even seen nurses at Tresillian and spent a whole week at Tresillian clinic. The routine and changes were not working for us.

We did a remote session with Jen and my baby, Luna, who was 6 months, started sleeping through the night and settling on her own within days. Before Jen’s baby sleep training, Luna would only sleep for 20 – 30 min per nap and was a grumpy baby. Since doing the baby sleep consulting with Jen, Luna now has a predictable nap schedule, she sleeps anywhere between 40min – 2 hours and is now a very happy baby! Who would have know sleep would affect her so much!

Jen also gave us a tonne of helpful info to continue on our sleep journey. Thank you, Jen! Everyone should do this!

Erez Nahum

My wife and I decided to get help as our baby was waking up 5/6 times a night and co-sleeping with us. It seemed as if it was just getting worst with time and we were rocking him or feeding him to sleep. …More

Hand Studio

My wife and I decided to get help as our baby was waking up 5/6 times a night and co-sleeping with us. It seemed as if it was just getting worst with time and we were rocking him or feeding him to sleep.

We sleep trained him when he was 5 months and in only a few days we saw massive improvements. We only needed one week of support and our baby is thriving!

Thank you Jennifer

Hand Studio

My baby was waking up multiple times at night and was relying a lot on feeding to sleep, so I was exhausted! This had been going for a couple of months so I decided I needed to get help.

I chose to do it very gently and Jennifer was very accomodating and flexible in order to meet my parenting style. First we followed a routine and then started to teach him how to self settle. The progress was very quick and we didn’t have many tears at all!

My baby is sleeping now longer naps, not feeding to sleep anymore, and not co-sleeping! He is also capable to put himself to sleep so quick.

thank you!!

Beatrix Palmer

Highly recommend Jen. We were at breaking point with our little guy (14 months) who was still waking multiple times a night. Jen’s remote program was just what we needed. Her tailored and gentle approach amazed both me and my husband – we saw changes within a couple of days! And our little guy is now sleeping through the night.

Fatima Turay

Thanks Jen for all your pre baby advice. I’ve definitely learnt a lot and feel prepared for when my baby arrives.

Emily K

Thank God we found Jen ! I contacted Jen seeking help for my 11 month old daughters sleep…or lack of. My baby girl who was once a great sleeper would wake anywhere between 2-4 hours throughout the night and some nights have a meltdown down when we would place her into her cot to go to sleep for the night. This was going on for months and my husband and I were incredibly tired and frustrated.
Under Jens guidance we began the remote program, with continuous communication via a log system. By the third day my baby began to settle a lot quicker and started sleeping through the night. If she did wake we would follow Jens instructions and she would go back to bed straight away !
I can’t thank Jen enough for all her help and guidance. My little one is now sleeping through the night again and there is no more anxiety or frustration come bedtime. I can’t recommend Jen enough she has been a lifesaver to us.

Nick Andrews

Jen was amazing for our family, she was fast to reply to any questions we had and always there for support. What an impact she has made on our life- my wife and I are finally sleeping again and our son is getting his valuable sleep that he had been missing out on. Couldn’t recommend Jen enough- she is outstanding !!


Thank you Jen!! We came to Jen for help with our 7 month old who was waking at least twice a night and also only sleeping 30 minutes at a time during the day. We were feeding, rocking and patting to sleep as well as relying heavily on a dummy. From the get go, Jen helped us work out what we needed to work on and helped determine how we could achieve our goals. We did the Remote Progam and surpassed all our original goals much faster than I had expected while achieving goals I never knew I had!! We now have a great daily routine and our little man is thriving … and sleeping- and so are we!!
Thank you Jen- you are amazing and we are so very grateful.

Rhys Morgan

We sought Jen’s help after being highly recommended her program by friends. We were told that whatever you do, book in Jen and not anyone else!
Our baby was 7 months at the time and we had been trying to work with our babies routine, thinking he would automatically adjust to more and longer sleep cycles with age. We found ourselves sleep deprived and exhausted. Our baby was still waking every 2-4 hours every night.
With Jen’s Remote Program, we learned new skills and understood that babies needed to be helped and taught how to self settle and learn to sleep without the various crutches that we had been using to try to settle him with. While the initial adjustment may not have been easy for any of us. After just 3 nights we found our baby had started to work out self settling and sleeping through the night. We were and still are so amazed and grateful to Jen. The support we were provided was customised and personable. We will now be recommending this program to our friends. Thanks so much again Jen


Jennifer was recommended to us by a couple of friends and I could not recommend her highly enough! I contacted Jen when my 2nd bub was 8m old, waking 2-3 times a night and it was becoming clearer and clearer that the feed to sleep association was getting stronger. Jen got back to me within a few hours and the rest is simply one positive thing after the next and little and big wins every day after that! Following an initial phone consultation, we agreed to set up a remote program to help my little bub learn to sleep through the night. As Jen said, the first few days were challenging; day 2 and 3 were particularly hard! But Jen was available any time I needed her! Via text, email, her brilliant online log … no question went unanswered! Jen’s organisation, experience and knowledge filled me with confidence every step of the way and I felt totally supported by her. Not only did she make sure not to push me to do anything I was not comfortable doing but she also provided me with 2 or 3 alternative plans when we hit little stumbling blocks along the way. Fast forward a few days and I had (and still have!) a baby who sleeps 11+hours a night, is so much happier for it, well rested and an absolute joy to be around during the day as he’s no longer overtired! As a result, my mood picked up, my frustration dropped as I’m getting more sleep and I’m back to spending some quality time with my husband in the evenings without the pressure of having to get to bed ‘cos I need to be up again soon’. I am blown away by how quickly my bub’s sleep improved! Although we did a remote program, it felt like Jen was living with us for 2 weeks! It really was a partnership; Jen is worth every penny and much more! Our entire family has benefited from the program and I cannot thank you enough Jen!

Catherine Scro

We were able to get our 4 month old self settling for naps and bedtime perfectly. After dealing with months of catnapping it was so refreshing to see our little one sleep through his naps and have less wakes across the night wanting his dummy.

Lisa Moriarty

Our 6month old son was struggling to link two naps together during the day and would be awake at least once a night (up to 3 times a night) for an hour or so each time. He would struggle to get back to sleep without a feed or rocking. After trying to adjust his wake windows and his routine (to no avail), we enlisted Jen’s help and it was such a game changer. With some simple tips and tweaks to our routine, we managed to overhaul his night sleep and day naps almost instantly, seeing amazing results after a few days. With the Remote Program, Jen supported us through every nap and by the second week, our little one was sleeping like a dream. There is so much information out there and it is difficult to know what is working and what isn’t (especially at the beginning). Having Jen’s support was invaluable. Would definitely recommend in a heartbeat.

Ahmed Kamal

Amazing help for our newborn. Highly recommended!

Amanda Bennett

Jen came to help us with our 11 month old son, who was a terrible day sleeper and needed to be rocked to sleep for every nap and multiple times over night. We chose the evening program and after 2 nights our son was self settling and sleeping through the night, as well as doing an amazing lunch nap. We could not be happier!!


Words cannot express how grateful we are that Jen came into our lives. At 6 months old, our baby was waking up 6-7 times a night, taking hours to get to sleep with rocking and feeding (and then waking up minutes later), and catnapping for 5-15 minutes during the day; we were absolutely exhausted and miserable. In desperation, we booked ourselves in for the Evening Baby Sleep Program. Jen worked with us to create an individualised program that we felt suited out parenting style, spent time in our home helping us put the methods into practice, and provided us with daily support over the next 3 weeks. WELL, to say we were absolutely amazed at the results is an understatement. By day three, our little man was self settling within minutes and sleeping through the night. Jen was there every step of the way; supporting, guiding, and encouraging us every single day (even when she was at lunch or on weekends away! 👼🏼). Not only is Jen the consummate professional and absolutely BRILLIANT at what she does, she is also so lovely, warm, and kind. It is clear that she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of the babies and families she works with. Mum, dad, and baby are so much happier now we are getting a full night’s sleep, and bedtime is now so easy and pleasant for the whole family. I would not hesitate to recommend Jen to any parent who wants to help their baby (and themselves!) sleep better. Thank you Jen for everything you do! You are AMAZING. Gabrielle x

Anita Orlovic

Jennifer was amazing with assisting me into the 1 nap transition. She made the process very smooth and gave great advice and was always very very helpful. Very great full for her.

Greg Collins

I can’t speak highly enough of Jen’s program. My wife wanted us to go through the sleep training for our son, I was on board but didn’t realise how good or easy it would be. Jen talked us through every step and made it so simple, and it works! Highly recommended.

Paul O’Kane

Jen has given us back our sleep (and without sounding too dramatic) our enjoyment for being parents again. My wife and I no longer argue about who is more tired, her for doing the several night wakes or me for doing late night dream feeds and 5am resettling. Our 7.5-month-old daughter was not a good sleeper, 2-3 wakes a night, 30-minute cat naps and hours of crying before bedtime.
We had already seen a sleep specialist when we gave Jen a call. We had been diligently following a routine for 2 months with no results and both my wife and I were sleep deprived and pretty miserable. After only a few days with the Remote Program everything started to change. No more night wakes, 1-2hr day naps and bedtime is now an enjoyable bonding experience. Jen really knows her stuff, she has been so helpful, available and gets long standing results.

Sarra G

I was quite amazed by the quick results from Jen’s remote program. We have a 2 year old and we went from taking 2 hours of intensive trying to get her to sleep every night to being able to put her in bed, said goodnight and left the room, and she went straight to sleep. This was within 2 weeks. I would highly recommend this program.

Krissy David

We had enlisted Jen’s help when our son Xander was just 3 weeks old to help build good sleeping habits right from the start. Prior to meeting Jen,
Xander was overtired, it was difficult to get him down for naps/sleeps and he cried out constantly. Jen had worked with us to implement her ‘JENtle’ sleeping program remotely and this was perfect to add structure into our lives and educate us on what Xander needed. Jen was amazing at keeping us on track to implement her sleep schedule and maintained constant communication throughout including detailed notes in the daily logs, voice messages and video demonstrations to provide guidance and answer questions.

With Jen’s help Xander (who’s now 6-week old) sleeps 10 hours throughout the night with 3 easy feeds. Jen’s techniques have made us feel more confident and in control, plus we’re surprisingly well-rested. We highly recommend Jen to any family wanting to get ahead of their child’s sleep routine!

Johanna Rivero

Jen is a baby sleep guru. We can’t recommend her highly enough. We recently engaged to Jen to help us with our baby’s waking at night. Our daughter is 7 months old and woke every hour or two. She had terrible reflux which meant she was cuddled to sleep from the newborn stage and couldn’t self settle. We had sought help with a doctor and another sleep consultant prior to Jen’s program without much success. We booked the remote program and literally in 3 nights our once constant waker was sleeping right through the night. It was unbelievable! Our baby is on the smaller side so Jen recommend to keep a feed over night for a while – which we wanted to do. It’s amazing, our baby sleeps 11 hours with one feed and takes 2 decent naps in the day. Life changing. Thanks Jen.

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Terms & Conditions

Jennifer is a qualified IMI Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, Doula and MNT Maternity Nurse. These qualifications enable her to assist pregnant women with their sleep issues, support women during labour and the birthing process, guide parents during the postpartum period and educate families about their baby’s sleeping habits. Jennifer provides safe and gentle sleep training methods based on knowledge obtained during her studies, successful qualifications and 16+ years experience.

Jennifer has obtained her paediatric First Aid Training through KidZAid and is registered to work with babies and children in Australia and Europe. Techniques and methods used are all derived directly from her qualifications and from her many years of experience.

Jennifer’s advice does not replace the advice from your Doctor or Paediatrician, and her advice should not be relied upon as medical advice. For medical advice, you should always seek the advice from your medical practitioner. Therefore, you should consult with your health-care professional should you have any healthcare related questions or before embarking on a new sleep program. If a medical problem appears or persists, do not disregard or delay seeking medical advice from doctor. Accordingly, Jennifer expressly disclaims any liability, loss, damage, or injury caused by information provided to the client.

Jennifer will educate, support you and guide you through the sleep challenges needed to make change in your baby’s sleeping habits. As a Baby Sleep Consultant, Jennifer is not responsible for your application of the sleep solutions once the consultation has concluded. Once the sleep consultation has concluded it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to apply the agreed methods and solutions. Jennifer has an extremely high success rate, however, the success of Jennifer solutions is in the hands of the parents’ commitment & perseverance once the sleep consultation has ended; therefore Jennifer cannot make any guarantees of success. However, Jennifer will use her best endeavours to support you until the desired result has been achieved.

  • I agree to check with my healthcare provider/doctor if my baby has any medical conditions, which prevent them from being trained safely.
  • I agree to follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS recommendations (
  • I agree to disclose any medical conditions to Jennifer, which my baby has or has had previously.
  • I understand that my customised baby sleep program is meant for my baby only and should not be shared with a third party. I acknowledge the information might not be suitable for another baby.
  • Any changes I make to my baby’s sleeping or eating arrangements are my decision and Jennifer will only make suggestions for change, of which I am responsible for choosing to implement.
  • It is my responsibility to contact Jennifer for my follow up support and send the sleep log information through to be assessed for feedback as frequently as suggested.


In-Home Cancellation Policy
To confirm any In-Home Program, the client will be required to pay a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure the booking. The remaining amount of the In-Home Program will be required to be paid on the day after Jennifer leaves your home. Any cancellations barring medical or other emergencies will forfeit the deposit. If  you cancel less than 48 hours before the scheduled visit, the full amount will be required, unless Jennifer can backfill your place with someone on the waiting list.

If your baby is a little under the weather and does not have a temperature, the program can generally proceed as planned. If your baby is sick with a temperature or has been diagnosed with a medical condition by a doctor, the program will be postponed until your baby is better. A doctors certificate may be requested.

Remote Program/Phone Consultation
To confirm the Remote Program or Phone Consultation Jennifer will be required to be paid in full before sleep plans are constructed and the phone consultation takes place.

Remote Program Cancellation policy
The Remote Program and Phone Consultations are non-refundable after the start of sleep work (i.e. when any sleep advice has been delivered to the client via email, text, phone).

Acts of God or suspected medical conditions
If an act of God, such as a fire, flood, earthquake or other natural calamity shall cause you to cancel the sleep services, Jennifer will require payment only for the time actually spent sleep consulting. 

If during the In Home program, Jennifer feels the consultation should cease due to an underlying or undisclosed medical condition, Jennifer will require payment only for the time actually spent in your home. In this case, to keep the situation fair on both parties, the hourly rate is reduced down from the normal sleep consulting fees (as per the program booked) and charged at $50ph. 

Doctor’s appointment
Jennifer requests that every client has an appointment with their doctor to ensure their baby is developmentally on track and fit for sleep training. Written medical approval may be requested for certain circumstances.

Within 25km from Bondi Beach. An additional fee of $25ph travelled will be charged if travel is over 25kms.

As the client, you knowingly and voluntarily agree to waive and release Jennifer from any and all claims of liability or demands for compensation that you may acquire during the time working with Jennifer.

By checking this Agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions detailed within.