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My Newborn – Baby Sleep Consultant offers In-Home visits and Remote programs with a summary of each program below. For help deciding on which sleep program is best for you and your baby book a call with Jen NOW!

All sleep programs come with:

Remote Programs

Choose from 4 options

Remote Program

Most Popular!

Age: 5.5 months +

MOST POPULAR PROGRAM! In the 20+ years I have lived in with families, I have critiqued the art of teaching babies to sleep and designed a program that truly caters to the individual baby’s needs whilst ensuring whatever method we choose is closely aligned with your parenting style. 

This holistic, personalised and comprehensive program is for families that would like help to solve any or all of these areas:

  • Self-settling
  • Sleeping longer overnight
  • Knowing how to resettle after waking
  • Falling asleep independently for naps
  • Linking sleep cycles in the day
  • We also take a deep look into your baby’s nutrition to ensure they are receiving adequate amounts of milk/solids to help reduce overnight feeds (if that’s your goal).

The beauty of this program is that it is completely unique and personalised as we (together!) create a sleep training path that takes into consideration:

Your baby’s:

  • Health
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Personality
  • Temperament and
  • Your parenting philosophy – choosing a method that feels right for you and your baby.

After our detailed conversation, I will be holding your hand throughout the entire sleep training process to help you achieve your goals. The support includes a comprehensive feedback and logging system that allows me to closely monitor your baby’s progress and helps you implement everything we discussed during our call.

In real-time, multiple times a day, we will be communicating to make all the necessary adjustments to help teach your baby how to sleep through the night and take restorative naps in the day.


Most families achieve all of their goals (and more!) within one to two weeks of starting the program (some luckier families, in as little as 24 – 72 hours!!).

The beauty of this program is, we can start on the day you decide you want to book in!

Cost: $950


Express Call

Age: Any age

Best for: Families who need quick D.I.Y sleep advice to implement after the call. Designed for less complicated sleeping issues.

The Express Baby Sleep Call is a 30-minute phone call for mama’s who need the know-how on D.I.Y sleep improvements. The call is to help you understand and navigate through some of the less complicated sleeping issues your baby might be facing.

I’ll provide advice on how to deal with the particular sleep problem you are experiencing and send you one follow up email with everything we discussed (I know how tired mamas can forget things!)

Before our call takes place, I will have assessed the answers in your questionnaire, so I come in, armed with sleeping tips to guide you on any areas that need tweaking.

If at the end of our call, you feel you need the additional support and guidance to see the sleeping problem through, you can upgrade to a program that has more support.

Cost: $250


‘JENtle’ Sleep Shaping Program

Age: Newborn – 5.5 months +

Best for: For younger babies that are struggling with feeding, sleeping, short naps, unsettled and are constantly waking. Also designed for families who would like to create routine, structure and predictability early on.

This is My Newborn’s unique and highly successful ‘JENtle’ Sleep Shaping Program, created personally by your Baby Sleep Consultant, Jennifer! After more than two decades of living-in with families and their newborns, I have critiqued the art of teaching young babies how to sleep and settle well, literally from day one! Now, I am passing on these skills by teaching parents with even the youngest babies how to obtain structure (and sanity) in their lives. The aim of this program is to set your baby up on a sleeping and feeding schedule to ensure they are receiving enough rest and nutrition to feel happy and content (not to mention, you too mama!)

The best part about this unique routine is that it’s super gentle on your baby and will set you both up for many months to come.

My Newborn’s ‘JENtle’ program spans over three weeks and is implemented in three stages. The first stage is very hands-on and no/very limited crying. Stages two and three will allow you to try and get your baby into the cot without having to always hold, feed or rock them to sleep. Most families achieve results within the first week and there is no need to commit to the full three weeks if you don’t want to.

I created this program to offer parents a gentle alternative to the traditional “sleep training” and have wonderful results from even the youngest age. I have personally implemented this thousands of times in person and helped even more families successfully do exactly the same thing via my remote guidance.

What to expect:

Week 1
Creating Routine and Structure
We will be setting your baby up with a napping schedule that suits their biological need to sleep, laying the foundations of sleep and ensuring your baby is drinking adequate amounts at the right times (day and night) to promote better overall sleeping. This is all done with a no-cry approach and is very hands-on. We will be working very closely together every day via a logging system and by the end of week one, you will have achieved structure around feeding and sleeping for your little one. Some families have such success within the first week, that they don’t need to continue on to the following weeks.

Week 2
Start to remove negative sleep associations one by one
It can be so beautiful holding, rocking and feeding your baby to sleep, but what happens if this becomes the only way they sleep and settle?! If you are struggling with not being able to put your baby down to sleep, then week 2 of the program might be suitable for you. During this week, we look closely to determine how many sleep associations your baby has become reliant on and remove one at a time to slowly start teaching them independent sleep. My philosophy is; small changes over a period of time are a lot more gentle and easier on babies then a hard and fast approach.

Week 3
In week 3, we look to remove all sleep associations and teach self-settling. This involves leaving the room or just sitting by the cot until your baby learns to settle on their own. I have successfully taught many young babies how to self-settle in a gentle manner, and they can fall asleep easily. However, some babies due to a sensitive personality or a very strong negative sleep association, find this stage a little more challenging. It also depends on the parenting philosophy – some parents are happy to allow their baby to have a few minutes of crying, where others are not comfortable to do that. My aim is to work within each family’s goals and try to do the best I can, given their circumstances and the baby as an individual.

Cost $650 per week (no need to commit to full 3 weeks).


'JENtle' Co-Sleeping to Cot Program

Age: 6 months +

Best for: Families who would like an extremely slow, gentle and graded approach to help transition their baby into the cot.

When done safely, co-sleeping can be a beautiful and bonding experience. But what happens if your once amazing bed buddy starts to keep everyone up at night?
If your baby has spent most of their life sleeping within arm’s reach of you, the transition into a cot can be a huge adjustment. Good news is, that it absolutely can be done AND in a loving and gentle manner. At My Newborn – Baby Sleep Consulting, we believe that co-sleeping babies in particular need small and gradual changes to help them feel comfortable and secure in their new sleeping environment. 

Over a period of 28 days, together we will work slowly to transform your baby into an independent sleeper (and not to mention, you get your bed back to yourself mama!).

What to expect:

  • An in-depth phone conversation to understand your baby and help determine what the best and most gentle steps are to take.
  • 7 days of preparation – working on the new environment, emotional well-being, communication, building trust, security and connection with your baby.
  • Comprehensive daily guidance to help your baby move through the different stages she or he needs to learn in order to start sleeping independently. 
  • 21 Days of logging support. 
  • Additional 7 days of emailing support if needed.
  • Lots of moral support to see these changes through.

Cost: $1100


In-home Programs

Choose from 3 options

Evening Program

Age: 6 months +

Best for: Families who want to be shown the hands-on sleep training methods and meet the Baby Sleep Consultant face-to-face.

My Newborn’s Evening Baby Sleep Training Program is designed to help babies who are struggling to fall asleep at bedtime and wake throughout the night. During our time together, you will receive one-on-one, tailored education and training in the privacy of your own home.

What to expect:
  • Scheduled around your baby’s bedtime, your sleep consultant will arrive at your home at 5pm to help you through the initial bedtime settling process.
  • We will work together to implement the sleep training method until your baby falls asleep independently.
  • I will provide you with all the tools you need to keep up the routine successfully following the consultation.
  • I will provide bespoke follow-up support (14 days logging + 7 days email).

Cost: $1100


Overnight Program

Age: 6 months +

Best for: Families who need the full overnight support and would like the option of the Baby Sleep Consultant to do most of the sleep training.

What to expect:

My Newborn – Baby Sleep Consultant’s Overnight Sleep Program is specifically designed to help babies who are struggling to settle and sleep through the night. Depending on your needs this program can be booked for 1 -3 nights. For families who want to learn the hands-on tools and be guided by the Baby Sleep Consultant, one night is sufficient. For families who prefer to have a professionally trained Baby Sleep Consultant there every step of the way (and do the hardest parts), 2-3 nights are recommended. As a guide, if everything has been implemented correctly, by night three, you will see a huge difference in your baby’s ability to put him or herself to sleep and sleeping longer stretches at night.

What to expect:

  • Your Baby Sleep Consultant will arrive at your home at 5pm to meet you and your baby before the sleep training begins. You will go through the usual mealtime, bath and bedtime routine. During this time, you will receive sleep education, start to understand why your baby is not sleeping well and what to expect throughout the Overnight Program.
  • During the sleep program you will be guided on how to implement a number of sleep training techniques to help your baby to learn how to self-settle and sleep through the night. If you book the one night program, we address the wake-ups together. If you book the two or three night program, you have the opportunity to catch up on sleep while your Baby Sleep Consultant implements the training.
  • Arrival on the first night is 5:00pm, leaving at 6/7am. Subsequent nights start at 10:00pm. Extra hours can be added if desired.


1 night: $1650

2 nights: $2700

3 nights $4200


Postnatal Live-In Care

Age: Newborn + 

Would you like to have a professional Baby Sleep Expert help you with the first few days / weeks or even months from the day you get home from the hospital? Right from the start, I help parents gain vital knowledge about many aspects of caring for their new baby. For many parents, gaining knowledge really helps them to develop more confidence, which then allows them to have a more relaxed and enjoyable relationship with their baby.

During the Postnatal Care, I slowly implement my unique and ‘JENtle’ Sleep Shaping Program, which essentially teaches healthy babies how to sleep and settle well within days of my arrival.

Postnatal packages are designed to educate new parents on breast / bottle feeding, sleeping, settling techniques, weaning and also provide constant professional care while adjusting to the newest family member. Before my departure, you will know your baby’s routine inside and out, and you will feel confident in following the structure for many months to come.

Postnatal blocks are tailor made to suit the family’s needs. This can be a blocks of 24 hour care, days or nights only, or a combination of both for up to 6 months at a time.

What are the benefits of Postnatal Care?

  • 24 hour Round the clock support
  • Teach baby how to settle and sleep early on
  • Promote best sleeping / feeding patterns (which means a rested and content baby)
  • Support with breast / bottle feeding
  • Take over the night shifts so you can rest
  • Reduce anxieties with new baby
  • Overcoming ‘settling in’ problems
  • Promote bonding
    Gaining confidence
  • Reduced chance of postnatal depression
  • Enhancing parenting skills
  • Developing coping strategies for early days with your baby
  • Postpartum guidance and support
  • Practical Demonstrations

Cost: $1500 per 24 hour block


What we cover.

  • Discussing your sleep goals.
  • Understanding how your baby sleeps.
  • Education on the different sleep training methods to suit your baby’s personality, temperament and your parenting beliefs.
  • Working out your baby's individual wake and sleep times.
  • How to remove any negative sleep associations your baby has formed.
  • Advice how to encourage your baby to sleep longer at night.
  • How to teach your baby to take restorative naps during the day.
  • Advice and demonstrations (in-home only) on settling techniques to suit your baby and your parenting philosophy.
  • Assessment of your baby’s sleeping space and recommendations on any changes needed to promote better sleeping.
  • Bedtime routine advice.
  • Nutrition advice.
  • Early rising issues.
  • How to reduce night feeds.
  • How to increase solids.
  • Advice how to merge three naps into two.
  • How to merge two naps into one.
  • How to maintain a routine that provides structure and consistency.
  • Advice how to get out of the house while maintaining a routine.
  • How to help your baby sleep in the pram or car.
  • Developmental milestones and how they can affect your baby’s sleep.
  • Answering any questions or concerns you have around the new sleep plan.
  • Provide additional advice such as; daylight savings, travelling with your baby, future regressions and how to keep to the program when your baby is unwell.

Introducing Jennifer (Professional Baby Sleep Consultant)

Having a baby should be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of your life, but it’s so often not the case with many parents feeling helpless when their baby doesn’t settle or sleep well.

If you have a healthy baby – they CAN learn how to sleep! FACT!! Over the past 20 years of my career have literally lived-in with thousands of babies day and night and taught ALL of those babies how to sleep well right from the beginning of their life. I want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be a struggle and that there are small steps you can put into place at any age to help teach your baby how to learn to love sleep. Sleep is a learned skill, just like riding a bike or learning the ABC, it comes with practice. I genuinely want to help you and would love to pass on all my knowledge, so your baby feels happy, rested and you can enjoy motherhood just like you should.

Book a FREE initial consultation with My Newborn – Baby Sleep Consultant and let’s identify which baby sleep program is best for your family. Hang in there, mum! This, too, shall pass, and I’m here to help your whole family get the sleep you so desperately need.

jennifer baby sleep consultation

Babies are like a blank canvas when they are born and from day one, you can start to instil positive sleeping habits that will encourage your baby to grow into a great sleeper. Of course, this doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes time, practise and perseverance. The ‘JENtle’ Sleep Shaping Program offer parents a gentle alternative to the traditional “sleep training” and has helped thousands of families with newborns get into a gentle routine from the beginning.

The benefits of this program are:

  • Create structure around when your baby should be sleeping and feeding.
  • Ensuring your baby is eating the correct amounts for their weight, so eventually, they start to sleep longer in the core of the night (11pm -2/3am).
  • Teach your baby how to self-settling in a very gentle manner.
  • Bring predictability into your daily life.

My Newborn – Baby Sleep Consultant offers In-Home visits and Remote programs.

All sleep programs come with:

  • Holistic assessment
  • A phone consultation
  • Tailored advice
  • Bespoke follow-up support

Not every family has the same idea around how they choose to parent and no two babies are the same, therefore each baby sleep program is personalised based on your baby’s history, health, personality, temperament, habits, stage of development, as well as the parenting philosophy you wish to maintain.  

There is ‘SLEEP SHAPING’ and ‘SLEEP TRAINING’. You can start sleep SHAPING your baby from the day you arrive home from the hospital. Sleep Shaping is gentle practices that will gently teach your baby to settle from the beginning. With Sleep TRAINING: Nearly all healthy babies are physiologically capable of sleeping through the night (i.e. 10-12 hours) without assistance by the age of 6 months. If best practices are implemented early on, some babies can sleep successfully a little earlier in months 4 or 5. *some smaller babies still need to be fed during the night. 

Each family’s situation is unique so the baby’s sleep learning process can vary. However, I can confidently say that there are quick wins early on when recommendations are implemented correctly. Most families achieve all of their goals (and more!) within one to two weeks of starting the program (some luckier families, in as little as 24 – 72 hours!!).

The two main factors to your baby’s sleeping success:

  • Ensure you are consistent with implementing the recommendations from the Baby Sleep Consultant.
  • Keep in touch with the Baby Sleep Consultant regularly during the sleep training process.

Whichever sleep training method you adopt, there are some key areas to be addressed beforehand that will give you a better chance of success.

Health: Before you consider sleep training, you want to first get a clearance from your pediatrician to rule out any health or medical factors that could be playing a role in your child’s sleep. Check your baby’s weight to see if they can start to reduce night feeds down or cut them out altogether. Remember, if it’s your preference to keep one or two overnight feeds, you can certainly do this AND teach your baby to sleep on either side of the feed.  

Commitment: Teaching your baby how to sleep won’t happen instantly. If you have already been through a prolonged period of broken sleep, following a sleep plan that could make your nights deteriorate initially takes real resolve. Starting a new sleep plan only to abandon it a couple of days later will do neither you nor your baby any good. What’s more, it’s likely to be even harder the next time you try because your baby knows that within a couple of nights you’ll go back to how you were initially settling them. Make sure you and your partner are committed to your strategy before you begin so you can give it 100%. 

Staying home & vaccinations: It is strongly advised that you don’t have plans to go on holidays, nights away, vaccinations scheduled or too many commitments for two – three weeks after commencing the program. After the training is over and your baby is falling asleep independently, you will have a bit more flexibility around nights away from home. **If you like to get out of the house a couple of times during the day, this can be incorporated into your sleep plan throughout the training period.

Support: If you or your baby have developed poor sleeping habits at night, the initial days of sleep training can be hard for both you and your baby. This may leave you both groggy the next day. To help this situation, you will need as much back up support as possible through this crucial time. Ask friends, relatives or neighbors to babysit for a couple of hours during the day, so that you can catch up on some lost sleep.

Safety: All successful sleep strategies involve leaving your baby to sleep alone, eventually. You cannot do this if you worry your baby is not safe in their sleeping environment. If your baby is sitting on their own, then their cot needs to be on the lower base level so they are not at risk of falling out. Make sure your baby’s bed is safe and that there are no toys in it, which they might choke on, no bumpers or mobiles. If your child is in a bed that they can climb out of, make sure the room is safe with an option of a secure safety gate on their door. For safe sleeping guidelines, visit: rednose.org.au/article/what-is-a-safe-sleeping-environment.

Crying: Parents can feel a lot of guilt about not comforting their babies while they are crying. While it is important for your baby to have a good night’s sleep, we often forget that parents’ sleep is just as vital. There are going to be big changes in the way your baby falls asleep and resettles during the night. It is expected that there will be lots of protests, tears and unsettledness during the training. The first couple of nights, in particular, are going to be difficult, but by night three to five, you will likely notice your baby falling asleep faster. By the end of week one (sometimes sooner) they may start going to sleep independently with little or no fussing. Once your baby learns how to fall asleep on their own, the better the overall sleep will become.

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Looking forward to understanding your situation in more detail and helping you achieve your sleeping goals.


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Terms & Conditions

Jennifer is a qualified IMI Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, Doula and MNT Maternity Nurse. These qualifications enable her to assist pregnant women with their sleep issues, support women during labour and the birthing process, guide parents during the postpartum period and educate families about their baby’s sleeping habits. Jennifer provides safe and gentle sleep training methods based on knowledge obtained during her studies, successful qualifications and 16+ years experience.

Jennifer has obtained her paediatric First Aid Training through KidZAid and is registered to work with babies and children in Australia and Europe. Techniques and methods used are all derived directly from her qualifications and from her many years of experience.

Jennifer’s advice does not replace the advice from your Doctor or Paediatrician, and her advice should not be relied upon as medical advice. For medical advice, you should always seek the advice from your medical practitioner. Therefore, you should consult with your health-care professional should you have any healthcare related questions or before embarking on a new sleep program. If a medical problem appears or persists, do not disregard or delay seeking medical advice from doctor. Accordingly, Jennifer expressly disclaims any liability, loss, damage, or injury caused by information provided to the client.

Jennifer will educate, support you and guide you through the sleep challenges needed to make change in your baby’s sleeping habits. As a Baby Sleep Consultant, Jennifer is not responsible for your application of the sleep solutions once the consultation has concluded. Once the sleep consultation has concluded it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to apply the agreed methods and solutions. Jennifer has an extremely high success rate, however, the success of Jennifer solutions is in the hands of the parents’ commitment & perseverance once the sleep consultation has ended; therefore Jennifer cannot make any guarantees of success. However, Jennifer will use her best endeavours to support you until the desired result has been achieved.

  • I agree to check with my healthcare provider/doctor if my baby has any medical conditions, which prevent them from being trained safely.
  • I agree to follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS recommendations (https://rednose.org.au/article/what-is-a-safe-sleeping-environment).
  • I agree to disclose any medical conditions to Jennifer, which my baby has or has had previously.
  • I understand that my customised baby sleep program is meant for my baby only and should not be shared with a third party. I acknowledge the information might not be suitable for another baby.
  • Any changes I make to my baby’s sleeping or eating arrangements are my decision and Jennifer will only make suggestions for change, of which I am responsible for choosing to implement.
  • It is my responsibility to contact Jennifer for my follow up support and send the sleep log information through to be assessed for feedback as frequently as suggested.


In-Home Cancellation Policy
To confirm any In-Home Program, the client will be required to pay a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure the booking. The remaining amount of the In-Home Program will be required to be paid on the day after Jennifer leaves your home. Any cancellations barring medical or other emergencies will forfeit the deposit. If  you cancel less than 48 hours before the scheduled visit, the full amount will be required, unless Jennifer can backfill your place with someone on the waiting list.

If your baby is a little under the weather and does not have a temperature, the program can generally proceed as planned. If your baby is sick with a temperature or has been diagnosed with a medical condition by a doctor, the program will be postponed until your baby is better. A doctors certificate may be requested.

Remote Program/Phone Consultation
To confirm the Remote Program or Phone Consultation Jennifer will be required to be paid in full before sleep plans are constructed and the phone consultation takes place.

Remote Program Cancellation policy
The Remote Program and Phone Consultations are non-refundable after the start of sleep work (i.e. when any sleep advice has been delivered to the client via email, text, phone).

Acts of God or suspected medical conditions
If an act of God, such as a fire, flood, earthquake or other natural calamity shall cause you to cancel the sleep services, Jennifer will require payment only for the time actually spent sleep consulting. 

If during the In Home program, Jennifer feels the consultation should cease due to an underlying or undisclosed medical condition, Jennifer will require payment only for the time actually spent in your home. In this case, to keep the situation fair on both parties, the hourly rate is reduced down from the normal sleep consulting fees (as per the program booked) and charged at $50ph. 

Doctor’s appointment
Jennifer requests that every client has an appointment with their doctor to ensure their baby is developmentally on track and fit for sleep training. Written medical approval may be requested for certain circumstances.

Within 25km from Bondi Beach. An additional fee of $25ph travelled will be charged if travel is over 25kms.

As the client, you knowingly and voluntarily agree to waive and release Jennifer from any and all claims of liability or demands for compensation that you may acquire during the time working with Jennifer.

By checking this Agreement, you agree to the terms and conditions detailed within.