Baby’s Ages:  4mths

City:  London

Full Day Program

Jenn came into our lives when this first time mummy was teetering on the edge!

Our gorgeous little man had a severe case of “Fear of Missing Out” and just didn’t know how to switch off. My husband and I did countless laps of our home with him in our arms for hours until he would eventually nod off, and only then he would sleep between 10 – 30 mins at a time before we would have to repeat the process all over again. We were exhausted, he was exhausted, and I was a little strung out to say the least! Between listening to other people’s opinions, late night google sessions and scouring various books (all of which I swore I would NEVER do!) we were so confused with the contradicting views on sleep. I was convinced we just had a super sensitive baby who didn’t need or want a huge amount of sleep. Then I found Jenn. From the moment I spoke with her on the phone, I knew things were going to get better. No two babies are the same, nor are their parents, so there is no one textbook solution, and this is the key difference with Jenn. We discussed our little man’s sleep patterns, environment and our parenting philosophies at length, and she then established a method to suit. After spending the day with us to teach us the practical aspect, she was then available any time of the day or night with SOS texts, and encouraged us every step of the way. No question was ever too silly which I am forever thankful for!

I loved how she respected and encouraged our parenting philosophies and worked with the two of us to gently teach our little man how to sleep! And the difference three weeks down the track is truly nothing short of a miracle. No more pacing the house with baby in arms! I simply can not recommend Jenn highly enough. She’s the loveliest person you’ll meet, confident and clearly passionate about what she does – our little guy loves her! (as do I!) She guides you and gives you confidence to help your little person actually enjoy sleeptime!

I’m sure all the mummies and daddies who have met and worked with her would agree, EVERYONE needs a Jenn in their lives!