Baby’s Ages:  7mths.

City:  Melbourne

Remote Program

We decided to get help after months of either feeding or rocking our 7 month old to sleep she also had a dummy and would wake up at one point every hour of the night. Night time had become a time I dreaded, filled with anxiety. Jenn was recommended to us and we began Jenn’s routine and with phone/text support.

From the first night of Jenn’s program there was a huge improvement. By the second night and every night since she has slept through the night! No more rocking or feeding to sleep and no more dummy! She is having deeper sleeps and is such a happy Bubba. Jenn we cannot thank you enough for you help and amazing support you gave us every step of the way answering my text messages at all hours with such kindness and warmth that put me at ease.

We could not have done this without you!!!