Babies Ages:  4 and 6mths.

City:  Prague

Remote Program

Jenn has saved our sanity.. twice! 🙂
Jenn first helped my hubby and I back in 2015 when we were living in Sydney, with our then 6 month old. She was waking every 30min – 1hr overnight and not napping well (or at all) during the day, only with rocking and being held.
Jenn helped us get our DD onto an appropriate schedule for her age and stayed with us overnight to show us how to get her to self settle. Jenn was so considerate of our parenting philosophy and worked with us to ensure we were comfortable with the methods she was recommending. It was hard work but with consistency we saw positive results after a few days, and within a few months our daughter was sleeping through the night.

ffwd to 2018, and we are now living overseas with our second girl. At around 4 months i could see we were falling into the same traps as with our first, and sleeping was becoming an issue, again waking several times at night and not napping in the day. Everyone was on edge. I approached Jenn to see if she could help us over emails / whats app. As our DD was much younger this time, we took a softer and slower approach, initially implementing an age appropriate schedule whilst using gentle methods to try and get her to sleep in the cot rather than on me. The gentle methods worked wonders, and within a few days we had our daughter in the cot and sleeping over 6hr stretches at night without a single tear! Over the next few months we slowly removed the assistance and by 6 months we had our DD sleeping independently in the cot through the night and having long naps in the day, with minimal tears. Jenn was a miracle worker.. again!

I cant recommend Jenn enough, even if you are living in another country like we are, Jenn made herself available at appropriate hours of the day/night when we needed her. Thank you Jenn!