3 Day In-Home Program

Suitable from newborn to 5 years of age

My Newborn’s 3 Day In-Home Day Program is specifically designed to help babies who are struggling to nap during the day, have little or no pattern around their day sleeps and find staying asleep a challenge.

During our 3 Day-In Home Program, we come to your home and teach you everything you need to know to create a unique routine so your child is happy, healthy and sleeping soundly!

We will be there for two of your baby’s naps over three consecutive days teaching him or her how to fall asleep independently. We then make sure you have the tools to be able to implement what you have learnt by the time we leave. By day three, your baby will be falling asleep with little or no fuss and taking longer restorative naps during the day.

  • Your My Newborn sleep specialist will come to your home from 9:00am -2:00pm, over a 3 day period. Additional hours can be added, if necessary.
  • We teach your baby how to fall asleep independently and then make sure you know how to implement the methods and techniques shown.
  • We will encourage you to take over the settling process and be there to guide you until you have the confidence to do it all on your own.
  • We will address any challenges that arise so that you’re empowered to keep up the routine long after the consultations has ended.

This service includes:


First you will receive a pre-call questionnaire so we can learn about your little one(s) sleep habits. This will cover your baby’s current routine, sleeping habits, health, feeding, and your parenting values; all of which we will use to come up with a customised strategy for your family.


Next, you will receive your personalised sleep plan, which has been customised to your baby’s temperament and your parenting style.  The plan lays out the issues that may be keeping your baby from sleeping soundly, as well as specific recommendations to address these challenges.


Then, we then come to your home for 3 consecutive days to address your baby’s sleep issues and implement the techniques discussed in your sleep plan. By the end of our time together, your baby will know how to fall asleep independently and you will have the confidence to do it all on your own.


Finally, you implement your sleep-plan and reach out for support whenever you need it. For the next two weeks, My Newborn is here for you. We will guide, support and encourage you through the process, until your baby is taking long restorative naps and/or sleeping through the night.