Success Stories

Baby’s Age: 7 wks
3 Day In-Home Program
I’ve gone through 5 different private sleep consultants, did the Karitane overnight stays, read Gina Ford/Tazzie Hall book, you name it! Jenn is by far the best sleep consultant I’ve come across! What I like about her is that she does not give you one set of routines and one way to teach your baby how to self settle. Click here for the full story.

Babies’ Age: 4 & 6 months
Remote Program
Jenn has saved our sanity.. twice! 🙂
Jenn first helped my hubby and I back in 2015 when we were living in Sydney, with our then 6 month old. She was waking every 30min – 1hr overnight and not napping well (or at all) during the day, only with rocking and being held. Click here for the full story.

Babies’ Age: 2 x Newborn
Live-In Program
I couldn’t recommend Jenn highly enough! She has been an absolute saviour for our new family.  She has a wealth of experience that filled myself and my husband with every confidence. Jenn’s training and sleep plan has been invaluable. Click here for the full story.

Babies’ Age: 8 & 9 months
Remote Program
Jenn has been so amazing for both of my girls & enabled me to teach them so many things that allowed me to get normal sleep again for my whole family to be happy & settled! Click here for the full story.

Baby’s Age: 12 weeks
City: Sydney
3 day In-Home Program
I contacted Jenn to help me with my 12 week old baby girl. I was spending hours each day and night pacing the house trying to put her to her sleep by rocking and walking. Click here for the full story.

Baby’s Age: 6 months
City: Sydney
Remote Program
Jenn was amazing and helped us teach our 6 month old how to sleep through the night. From 4 months onwards, our baby was a terrible sleeper – waking every 40 mins to an hour at night and often it would take us two hours to get him back to sleep. Click here for the full story.

Baby’s Age: 3.5 months
City: Tokyo
Overnight Program
Thank you very much Jennifer for all your great help!! It made such a big difference in my daughter Alicia’s daily routine and enabled me to enjoy being a mother of two happy kids instead of surviving every single day.

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Baby’s Age: 4 months
City: London
Full day Program
Jenn came into our lives when this first time mummy was teetering on the edge! Our gorgeous little man had a severe case of “Fear of Missing Out” and just didn’t know how to switch off.

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Baby’s Age: 7 months
City: Melbourne
Remote Program
We decided to get help after months of either feeding or rocking our 7 month old to sleep she also had a dummy and would wake up at one point every hour of the night. Night time had become a time I dreaded, filled with anxiety. Jenn was recommended to us and we began Jenn’s routine and with phone/text support. Click here for the full story.