Babies Ages:  12wks

City:  Sydney

3 Day In-Home Program

I contacted Jenn to help me with my 12 week old baby girl. I was spending hours each day and night pacing the house trying to put her to her sleep by rocking and walking. I was exhausted!! Jenn was amazing, she immediately took control of the situation put all of us at ease, and the results were evident from day one.

Jenn got my 12 week old into an excellent routine with 3 distinct sleeps during the day and a really simple bedtime routine which got her to self-settle. What was particularly valuable was she armed me with her knowledge so I had the necessary skills and confidence to keep the routine going. No more walking around! I actually now get have dinner with my husband and spend some time with my toddler before he sleeps.

Not only was Jenn amazing with my baby and toddler, she was an absolute delight to have around! Her knowledge and understanding was second to none. Thank-you so much for all you have done for our family.