Babies Ages:  6mths

City:  Sydney

Remote Program

Jenn was amazing and helped us teach our 6 month old how to sleep through the night. From 4 months onwards, our baby was a terrible sleeper – waking every 40 mins to an hour at night and often it would take us two hours to get him back to sleep.

I dreaded bedtime, knowing I would be up most of the night. With the lack of sleep, I was like a zombie during the day.  After an unsuccessful (and expensive) try with a different sleep consultant, a friend referred me to Jenn, as she had used Jenn when she had issues with her 8 month old. Jenn was so friendly, and from the first night things improved dramatically! We have our lives back and are so thankful for all her help.

Without her help, I am sure I would have gone mad. Jenn was constantly checking in with us during the week and answering all our questions. I also really liked that Jenn got to know us and our baby, and tailored her solution to suit our needs and requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend Jenn to anyone (and have already) as she truly was a miracle worker for our sleep deprived family.