Baby’s Age: 7wks

City: Sydney

3 Day In-Home Program

I’ve gone through 5 different private sleep consultants, did the Karitane overnight stays, read Gina Ford/Tazzie Hall book, you name it! Jenn is by far the best sleep consultant I’ve come across! What I like about her is that she does not give you one set of routines and one way to teach your baby how to self settle.

She will come to you, assess your baby’s sleep needs and temperament and tailor a structured routine and ways to settle them based on that. She doesn’t just show you how to do it, she will teach you, and get you to do it and support you the entire way. I couldn’t thank her more. My 7 weeks old baby who catnaps all day and only will nap on me have learnt how to self settle in cot within 3 days and napping for over 3 hours in one go!

I finally have the time to get the washing done and the dinner ready and have a nap too. Thank you Jenn!