Baby’s Ages:  3.5mths

City:  Tokyo

Overnight Program

Thank you very much Jennifer for all your great help!! It made such a big difference in my daughter Alicia’s daily routine and enabled me to enjoy being a mother of two happy kids instead of surviving every single day. I was so lucky to find this site when my daughter Alicia was 2.5 months old and really appreciate Jennifer agreeing to come to Tokyo despite your busy schedule. By that time I was worried that Alicia is turning into a bad sleeper as her older brother – who was waking up at nights until 3.5 years old (and co-sleeping / being rocked or breastfed to sleep!!).

With her many years of experience and extensive training, Jennifer’s methods worked like a charm. It still sounds like a miracle that Alicia went to sleep in her bed from the night when Jennifer arrived, and self settled ever since. Jennifer also gave us invaluable advice on numerous baby related topics such as development milestones, feeding, travelling with baby, etc etc. Even for a second time mother there were lots of things to learn!

Jennifer’s services clearly stand out due to her thoroughness, flexibility and post support. Jennifer starts with a very comprehensive survey of the baby sleeping and eating habits, parental preferences and health history. Then she provides a highly customized sleep solution for her clients, and would support breast feeding, which was very important to me. And she is keenly following up and guiding every step of the sleep plan, which ensures high success rate.

I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to have a happy easy going baby.